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4 In 1 Ionic Freshener

4 In 1 Ionic Freshener loader

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This Ionic 4-in-1 Freshener is breath of fresh air for your clothes, shoes and linens.
  • Freshen up your Closet!
  • Freshen up your work station!
  • Serves as mini-light that plugs into the AC outlet
  • Freshen up your shoes!
  • If the moldy odor of your gym shoes can clear the locker room or your linen closet is starting to take on that signature smell of must, the Ionic 4-in-1 Freshener is a convenient and affordable solution. Why spend hundreds of dollars on dry-cleaning, special shoe shampoos and elaborate air purifiers when for one low price, you can get the benefits of all three in this lightweight, portable device? This unique air purifier uses an ionic process to draw air in and neutralize odors at the site.

    Hang it in your closet to circulate natural ozone and get rid of lingering odors in all kinds of fabrics or insert it in your shoes to draw in fresh air and create a naturally drier environment to stop fungus, mold, mildew and bacteria in their tracks. The Ionic Freshener also works as an air purifier for any room. Just remove the central piece and plug it in for cleaner, sweeter air in your bedroom, bathroom office or basement. If odors are dragging you down, treat yourself to the fresh scent of an Ionic 4-in-1 Freshener today!

    4 In 1 Ionic Freshener Reviews

    Customer Reviews

    title - Review by Barb
    I inherited a big pile of old down quilts from my mom which were in great shape, but so musty I was worried they'd never air out. But the Ionic Freshener took care of it in a matter of hours. I just put it in the closet with the quilts and I swear these quilts smell better now than they did even when they were new!
    title - Review by Gavin
    My wife jokes that the stench from my soccer bag could make paint peel, but I never really thought it was that big a deal. But throwing the Ionic in there for a few minutes definitely improves things and now I only have to wash my kit about half as often.
    title - Review by Sissy
    I use this for everything from my linen closet to my doggy-bed and it's been great! It definitely has made my house smell fresher by ionizing the air and it's done wonders for my gym shoes too, which I actually thought were beyond help.

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    4 In 1 Ionic Freshener

    4 In 1 Ionic Freshener

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    This Ionic 4-in-1 Freshener is breath of fresh air for your clothes, shoes and linens.
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