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Gifts For Her: Wife, Daughter, Sister, Mom Be a Gift Giving Hero!

If your typical gifts for her are the same every holiday, break out of the rut and get her something from! Chocolates, flowers and perfume are nice gifts (and go you if they're your usual instead of a toaster or house slippers) but add a little something unique this year, like a digital photo album key chain, and be a gift giving hero!

She'll appreciate these fun and interesting gift ideas.

If she's like most women, she's probably stressed out so show her you understand and want to help with gifts for her like a lady bug massager, or a head massager that feels so good you have to try it to truly believe it! A USB powered hand massager is perfect for the lady who sits in front of a computer for hours on end. All these make great gifts for your daughter, sister, mom or wife.

Help her relieve stress with a little fun, too. A USB powered snowman and a finger dance mat are quick distractions that can make her feel better, while a Sunrise alarm clock wakes her slowly with natural light and lets her gradually ease into her day which can improve her mood and sense of well-being.

For your girlfriend or wife, gifts for her can include massage oil (don?t forget to do the honors) and rose bath confetti complete with a multi-colored bathtub light show to make her feel relaxed and pampered. Here are the latest cool toys and tidbits from