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Iron Wristball Wrist Exerciser

Power to the people

Iron Wristball loader

Iron Wristball Wrist Exerciser

Power to the people

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In Stock
Have you seen the neon blue Powerball we offer? If that one's the Prince of wrist balls, this one is the King.
Main Features Of Iron Wrist Ball:
  • Gyro ball, Power ball
  • Sturdy Steel axle
  • Dynamic gyroscope inside
  • No batteries required
  • Rotation speed can reach over 18.0000 RPM
  • Improves strength in various areas; including wrists, fingers, arms, and chest
  • Promotes improved blood circulation
  • Increase vigorous workout by extra weight
  • Very eye-catching!
This mondo wrist ball is made from metal and iron, offering more weight and more of a challenge with a digital revolution counter to tell you just how well (or not) you're doing.

This top of the line wrist ball can reach speeds over 18,000 rpm. But hitting 12,000 is a manly challenge that few can achieve. See how close you can get.

A rotor inside this powerball spins when you move your hand, generating a force up to 100 times its actual weight?if you can manage it, that is.

Aside from using the ball as a challenge, it provides a great workout for your hands, wrists and even arms and shoulders. It's easy to keep exercising, because you'll want to keep trying to see if you can beat your last number.

These wrist balls are great for those who play sports like tennis, golf and other sports that require hand and wrist strength. They're great for people who use their hands a lot, too. People who do needlework or those who use a keyboard, or anyone at risk from repetitive motion injuries, can benefit from the exercise of a power ball. And it's stress relieving too, and can help work the tension out of your wrists, arms and shoulders.

This wrist ball comes with an exercise manual so you can get started right. Try it, and be amazed at the strength you'll start to feel in muscles you didn't know you had. Good luck on hitting 12,000!

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Iron Wristball Wrist Exerciser

Iron Wristball Wrist Exerciser

Have you seen the neon blue Powerball we offer? If that one's the Prince of wrist balls, this one is the King.
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